HomeWhy? I want to be better at my job and advance my career – Latest blog from Jill de Bene, IHM CEO

Why? I want to be better at my job and advance my career – Latest blog from Jill de Bene, IHM CEO

I had a good discussion with Michael Moran (@mdmoran10Eighty) today about career development support for IHM members.  When asked why he felt the people would want to join the IHM he was very clear, that it would be to advance their career.

That is why I joined the IHM at the beginning of my NHS career.  It was an easy decision, everyone belonged, and it supported a very clear path to getting to the top of my chosen career.  You only have to look at the rich experience of the past Presidents and the number of CEO’s who are members to realise how true that still is.

Today the answer about whether the IHM is for me, is more complicated and I want to share some of my thoughts with you all. Ken Jarrold, ex IHM President, always asks  why do I believe the IHM is a good thing and would reinvent it if it no longer existed?

If I ask myself that question this is what I would say the IHM is a great thing as it;

Supports healthcare managers in their quest to continually improve, it supports  managers to  be the best they can possibly be and love what they do and thus enables them to deliver high-quality, person-centred care.

Ensures the managers within healthcare understand how they should behave if they are to be the professional, effective and caring managers who are committed to their profession. We also want to  help all managers to feel pride for what they do.  The IHM helps their members to deliver the best possible service through continual learning and development, promoting an open and fair culture throughout healthcare.

Provides the public with the confidence that the institute, which supports the healthcare managers that enables their care and that of their family and friends,strives to ensure its members are kept up to date with the best possible learning and development so that they stay at the top of their game.

Provides other healthcare professionals with the evidence that healthcare managers are equally proud of their profession and take responsibility for their ongoing development. That they wish to drive up the standards for healthcare management and ensure healthcare managers are accountable.

Provides leaders and politicians with the reassurance that there is one body that will continually develop managers in healthcare and can provide the managers view on all issues in healthcare provision. That we will speak as the trusted, independent voice of the profession with a passionate focus on positive, sustainable transformation care.

That’s why I think the IHM is important. What do you think?