Father’s Day can be tricky business! We all procrastinate… if only we knew what on earth to buy? This annual question can be a real head scratcher. Is it new socks? A new tie? Cuff-links? Power tools, heaven forbid? Whiskey?


The problem is that when we are trying to figure out what to get our loved ones on Father’s Day is that Dad’s roles are changing… managing a team one moment… managing a toddler or a tribe of toddlers the next! Arrghh!!


Do our Dad’s get the recognition they deserve? Mother’s Day started in 1914 whilst Father’s Day had to wait until 1972 to be officially recognised.


This Father’s Day we want all of our Dads out there to be treated to something special. Something meaningful. Something truly useful. This year we think we have found it! An alternative gift for your Dad, or any other healthcare manager in your life – and the bonus…. it’s FREE! The new IHI Quality Improvement Essentials Toolkit.


This wonderful 50-page toolkit can help with essential areas within healthcare management and improvement such as understanding systems and change theories and provides useful tools and templates for use across all of healthcare including Cause and Effect Diagrams, PDSA Worksheets and Project Planning Forms.


Check it out… http://www.ihi.org/communities/blogs/_layouts/15/ihi/community/blog/itemview.aspx?List=7d1126ec-8f63-4a3b-9926-c44ea3036813&ID=400