Every emergency department is finding it tough; even the best feel under intense pressure, there is a national shortage of experienced emergency care consultants, and money is tight everywhere.

But given these constraints, there are striking contrasts between departments who feel confident in their decision-making and systems and see themselves as being on a journey of improvement, and those where morale has collapsed, staff feel isolated, patient safety is compromised and there is a pervasive feeling that it will only get worse.

The Institute for Healthcare Management has interviewed a wide range of staff across the country involved in emergency care to understand what differentiates the high performers from the rest.

This short report is not intended as a definitive guide to how to run an emergency department, but to identify key lessons for managers working in or with them.  It shows how the best teams and leaders are tackling everything from empowering their consultants to putting social workers and therapists at the heart of the machine, and making good emergency care a priority for the entire hospital.

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