IHSCM Introduction to Mediation Short Course Masterclass

We are excited to partner with Brap  (www.brap.org.uk) an Equalities and Human Rights Charity, to bring you this Introduction to Mediation Short Course Masterclass.

This short course will introduce you to the principles of mediation and provide you with opportunities to reflect and practice these skills, as well as understanding where to apply them. It will help you to understand points of escalation and how spotting these can be key to maintaining professional and productive relationships at work.

The course will take between six and eight hours to complete and is divided into three modules. Each module has a video, slide deck and homework task.

There is also a handout for your reference as you work your way through the course; and to refer to in the future.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a digital certificate of completion* for you to save, and print at your convenience. 


Course Feedback:

“I would recommend this course to my colleagues.”

“I enjoyed the case studies, diagrams, video, articles and examples.”

“I enjoyed the homework tasks which ensured we thought critically about the materials and reflected on our own practice.”


*Please note, this course is not accredited.

This course is free of charge to all IHSCM members – please log in and click on the button below to find out more!

If you are not an IHM member but are interested in participating in this course then please contact us 

Mediation Short Course