MSc Global Healthcare Management Senior Leaders Master’s Degree

We’re delighted the IHM is partnering with Coventry University to offer  a Masters in Global Healthcare Management, – which incidentally will also lead to  an IHM Fellowship upon successful completion.

The IHM has always had a reputation for education and personal development and this new opportunity puts us right back where we want to be; recognising the past and taking the best of it into the future. We want you to be part of that journey with us.

However, we’re very conscious of the fact education isn’t free and money is tight; this is why we have decided to take advantage of the Government Apprenticeship Scheme for England which may allow your employer to access funding  from the surcharge most NHS employers are obliged to pay for staff development.

So, you may qualify to have your fees paid… good news and we hope you qualify!

To find out more about this exciting development opportunity please click on the links below:

About the qualification

Course Outline

Introductory letter from Roy Lilley