IHM Senior Manager ILM Level 7 Diploma in Leadership & Management

This level 7 vocational qualification is designed to enable existing and aspiring senior managers, working in the operational or strategic field, to develop and enhance current leadership and management skills. It is most appropriate for those well established in a management role, already comfortable with providing direction and leadership in addition to managing resources, performance, finances and, most likely, change.

This comprehensive qualification will build on existing experience and provide support, direction and skills to encourage increased responsibility to manage the new models of care within the healthcare environment whilst satisfying various stakeholders. 

This qualification builds on substantive operational management experience alongside recognised business and leadership theories and models and candidates are encouraged to apply, critically evaluate and adapt these in a practical and innovative way to their unique organisational circumstances in order to embed their leadership and management development in real work.

As a result, the employer benefits in addition to the learner as the projects and assignments can be aligned to organisational strategic objectives. Furthermore, core qualities that drive high performance such as courage, productivity, competence and creativity will all be explored and exhibited if the learner is to be successful, ultimately having a direct impact on the individual’s workplace environment.

The diploma course is an alternative for those who are ineligible for Govt Apprenticeship funding. The cost including ILM registration fee is £3450 – with IHM members receiving a discount of 10% off this price.

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