We are proud to announce the expansion of our IHM Fellowship Programme.   The IHM has always had a reputation for education and personal development and this new opportunity puts us right back where we want to be; recognising the past and taking the best of it into the future.

This fully accredited development programme  provides members  with a choice of three professional qualifications – designed to suit their time restraints and development needs.

We are conscious of the fact education isn’t free and money is tight; this is why we have decided to take advantage of the Government Apprenticeship Scheme in England for two of the qualifications.  This scheme encourages recognised, accredited management qualifications and the funding comes from the surcharge most NHS employers are obliged to pay for staff development.

All our qualifications have a deliberate ‘business theme’, with a strong health ethos.  At the IHM we see the NHS moving towards a more ‘business-like’ future, anchored in the special values of public service. We think the curriculum takes IHM learning into the future.

Please have a look at the programmes we offer, (from the menu on the left hand side of the page), and if you have any questions then please contact Pauline Bolt pbolt@ihm.org.uk

All completed application forms should be sent to Pauline Bolt pbolt@ihm.org.uk