HomeJoining Process – Step 2 – Payment

To complete the joining process, you just need to decide which level of membership is best suited for you (details below) and then click the relevant button to set up your Direct Debit online or pay a one off payment via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to do this).

Full Membership – £130 (£10.83/month by Direct Debit)
For people with 2 years+ healthcare management experience in the NHS, local government or military health or 5 years healthcare management experience outside of these areas. For doctors this is for Specialist Reg level and above. Full members, once verified, can use the letters MIHM after their name. Please either e-mail us a CV or link to your LinkedIn profile for verification.

Associate Membership – £130 (£10.83/month by Direct Debit)
For people who do not meet the criteria for the Full Membership as described above.

Student Membership – £40 (£3.33/month by Direct Debit)

For undergraduate or postgraduate students. Proof will be required.

Retired Membership – £36.60 (annual payment)
For members that are retired and no longer working.

Full Membership – Direct Debit
Associate Membership – Direct Debit
Student Membership – Direct Debit
Retired Membership – Direct Debit

We have partnered with GoCardless because they are the UKs leading online Direct Debit processing company and it means we can process our applications online. Please note, GoCardless will appear on your bank statement.

Once we have received confirmation of payment from GoCardless (and validated your CV where relevant) we will process your membership application and you will receive your welcome pack and one of our brand new membership cards.

Alternatively, you may wish to make a one-off payment through PayPal instead, in which case please use the button below.

Pay Membership with PayPal

For more information on the benefits of joining please see https://ihm.org.uk/membership/
We are really looking forward to having you as a member of the IHM.