The Ipsos MORI Veracity Index has tracked Britains perceptions of ‘trust’ in key professions since the 1980’s.

The 2018 edition surveyed over 1000 adults and the results have just been released. We are proud that nurses remain the most trusted profession in Britain with 96% of those surveyed stating that nurses tell the truth (this is up from their already high score of 94% in 2017). Doctors came second on this list scoring only four percentage points lower at 92%.

The poll highlights that Britains remain largely mistrusting of Politicians and government ministers who came in at 22% and 19% respectively. For the first time in the history of the survey advertising executives were included and appeared bottom of the list at 16%.

IHM CEO Paul Conroy commented on the findings:

“This survey shows the enormous role Nurses and Doctors play in the life of our nation. If you ask the public what services they value the most, the NHS is always right up there, and the sense of trust in those who serve in the NHS is a huge part of this. The greatest fear we have though, is that this trust and hard work is being abused as vacancy rates put greater pressure on those who remain. It’s time that staffing ratios were enshrined in clear legislation, and that protection is given to clinical staff when then speak out on issues of safety.”

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