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Nominate your favourite healthcare manager!

We are passionate about getting health care managers the recognition they deserve. As part of our drive to raise the profile of managers we are launching our annual healthcare managers award.

There are 5 categories;

  • Inspirational: For that person who has delivered something exceptional despite all the barriers and challenges they faced.
  • Patient Focused: For that person who has delivered truly patient focused care or project.
  • Great Communicator: For that person who is a truly great communicators and know how to engage and inspire.
  • Strong Team Builder: For that person who creates exceptional teams that are happy and proud.
  • Improved Services: For that person who has made some astonishing changes to services that should be shared.

Winners will be announced at a formal ceremony after our leadership summit on the 4th of October 2017.  We will only be contacting people to let them know they have been nominated when we shortlist our categories in July.

The winners for each category will receive £50 worth of John Lewis vouchers.
We will also announce an overall winner who will receive a lovely treat of a special afternoon tea.
If you nominate a winner you will also get a small thank you gift too!

To nominate someone all you need to do is complete the form below. You can either type your nomination directly into the form, or upload a word file.

Awards Submission Form

Nominate your favourite manager below.
    Please note you can nominate someone for more than one category but you will need to complete new a form for each category nomination.

We have had some great nominations so far and can’t wait to see even more.