Cyber and Information Security

Cyber security is a major challenge to governments and organisations all over the world.

This series of articles by Gary Peace aims to help organisations and individuals understand the risks involved, how to identify them and how to minimise the risk.

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The author, Gary Peace is the CEO & Founder of ESID Consulting, specialising in Insider Threat, Cyber / Information Security. For 18 years Gary worked as a Police Officer within New Scotland Yard and the Metropolitan Police. He is a former Head of Digital Forensics at the Competition & Markets Authority. Gary currently serves as a County Councillor and is also Vice Chair of Governors at The Island Free School on the Isle of Wight.

Is it time for Health and Social Care to be taking Cyber-Security more seriously?

by Gary Peace –  CEO & Founder of ESID Consulting

The National Cyber Security Strategy’s vision is that “the UK is secure and resilient to cyber threats, prosperous and confident in the digital world”.

The recently published progress report by the NAO has profound implications, and the impact on the Health and Care sectors could be significant.

Cyber Security is a major challenge for government. The risk of cyber-attack is increasing and the UK, with one of the world’s most internet-enabled economies is more vulnerable than most to the threat from hostile countries, criminal gangs and individuals. With over 4 in 10 businesses experiencing a cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months.

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