The Simple Technology Creating A Better Waiting Room Experience

by Alistair Cousins and Reuben Staples-Burton at TrouDigital, a leading UK provider of digital signage solutions to the healthcare industry.

The Simple Technology Creating A Better Waiting Room Experience
I’m sure you can remember sitting in the waiting room of a hospital, GP or dental practice,
looking around at bleakly coloured walls with a clock that doesn’t seem like it’s moving and
outdated information leaflets that haven’t stood the test of time.

The picture doesn’t paint a pleasant waiting room experience. With technology developments,
however, hospitals, GPs and dental practices have been able to transform their waiting rooms into vibrant, informative places, giving the patient something else to focus on other than
their looming appointment.

Digital waiting room screens have been a key player in efforts to digitalise and modernise healthcare reception areas.

As a platform replacing traditional noticeboards and posters, they more effectively engage
patients through richer multi-media content. This engagement is helping to reduce
perceived waiting times and associated boredom in practices the world over, shaping a
more positive visiting experience.

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Shaping Better Places

by Ian Boyd, Director of Arc Consulting, Artecology and The Common Space.

We are living in strange times. ‘Wellbeing’ has made the jump from the esoteric to the unremarkable in public discourse, perhaps because it gathers up and packages our disparate response to the feeling that something is slipping.

Effective interventions for a better public health have never been so needed, and nowhere more so than in the way we build to live.

I spend much of my time at the development coal-face, working with companies large and small to navigate environmental law. Sometimes it’s a salvage operation, rescuing what we can of the habitats and landscape to be lost, sometimes a more optimistic exercise in designing new spaces that can extend and expand resources for wildlife. The latter is becoming a more common aspiration thanks to a shift in public policy towards what is called ‘net gain’ for biodiversity. Of course, this ambition is fraught with expedient interpretations and canny avoidance, but that’s life, and the simple fact that the narrative has shifted is something good.

But this positive move for wildlife throws into even sharper relief the failure of development policy for people. It’s not far from the truth to say that an average housing scheme will pay more attention and invest more ingenuity in the protection of its dormice, than in the basic wellbeing of the community it creates. We are building bad habitats for humans.

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The Making of a Corporate Athlete 

In our fast-changing world with ever-increasing demands and a focus on personal effectiveness and optimal performance, it’s more important than ever that busy leaders and managers look after themselves and their teams physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, in order to rise to the challenges ahead whilst maintaining well-being.

The concept of the ‘Corporate Athlete’ is an holistic approach to wellbeing and personal effectiveness that stretches across the four realms of body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Jack Groppel’s book ‘The Corporate Athlete’ was first published in 1999, so this is not a new set of ideas, but they are ideas that deserve ongoing endorsement in the increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment that many of us find ourselves in.  Nor is the concept one that only relates to those working in large corporate organisations. Anyone with a busy work life can benefit.

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This article has been adapted by the author, Martine Bolton, for the IHM from an earlier version published on LinkedIn on 6th May 2018. 

Martine Bolton is a trainer, coach, consultant and change-maker and runs Sunshine Corporate and Personal Development and is also a member of The Changemaker Group. Her contact details are:; 07903 440160.

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