The Simple Technology Creating A Better Waiting Room Experience

by Alistair Cousins and Reuben Staples-Burton at TrouDigital, a leading UK provider of digital signage solutions to the healthcare industry.

The Simple Technology Creating A Better Waiting Room Experience
I’m sure you can remember sitting in the waiting room of a hospital, GP or dental practice,
looking around at bleakly coloured walls with a clock that doesn’t seem like it’s moving and
outdated information leaflets that haven’t stood the test of time.

The picture doesn’t paint a pleasant waiting room experience. With technology developments,
however, hospitals, GPs and dental practices have been able to transform their waiting rooms into vibrant, informative places, giving the patient something else to focus on other than
their looming appointment.

Digital waiting room screens have been a key player in efforts to digitalise and modernise healthcare reception areas.

As a platform replacing traditional noticeboards and posters, they more effectively engage
patients through richer multi-media content. This engagement is helping to reduce
perceived waiting times and associated boredom in practices the world over, shaping a
more positive visiting experience.

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