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Cyber Crime – The Scale of The Problem

This is the first in a series of cyber-crime and cyber security blogs by Gary Peace, CEO and founder of ESID Consulting.

Cyber-crime and cyber security are intrinsically linked. The term “cyber” is now used daily by anybody with something to say about the risks and threats of doing anything online.

However, the term is just adding a gloss to an already existing problem faced by business and consumers. That problem is simply one of ‘crime’. It’s nothing but old-fashioned theft, criminal damage, and fraud. It’s just that its being committed with the aid of or over computer networks.

So, what is the scale of the problem?

The scale of the problem should not be taken lightly. It’s big and getting bigger. According to insurer Hiscox, its up in 2019 by 40% in the UK and the costs of it are increasing.

 Why is it getting worse?

Since we’ve all moved online, the checks and balances that existed in a manual, physical and hierarchical environment of 25 years ago now no longer exist.

Organisations do not understand the value of information and employee surveys have repeatedly shown that neither do their employees.

The solution can be found in more joined up thinking between HR, Security and IT, to improve what can be very fragmented reporting processes.

Without clear lines of communication, risks, threats and security issues will not be recognised and incidents will not be dealt with holistically.

Above all else employee awareness and education is imperative in the battle against organised crime.

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