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Time to Bend

Author:  Loretta Outhwaite. "creating a workplace culture where people are judged by their work not the hours they work" If you google 'flexible working' you'll get pages of

31 December 2018|

Healthwatch Essex

Healthwatch Essex is a multi-award winning charity, working to improve the lives of the residents of Essex around Health & Social care. The charity was established under the Health & Social care act 2012 and

21 December 2018|

Sir Ivan Rogers on Brexit

At a time of political crisis and economic uncertainty resulting from the Brexit negotiations, Sir Ivan Rogers, former UK representative to the EU, in a speech to Liverpool University, gives his thoughts on the 9

20 December 2018|

What the NHS needs is more managers

Ian Kirkpatrick, in a recently published article for The Conversation argues that NHS managers need a public image makeover.  The media and politicians are both critical of the number of managers employed within the service,

18 December 2018|