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Why Organisations must make ‘Time to Talk’

Dr Derek Mowbray

True success for businesses and other types of organisation, is when the business optimises its potential, which means that everyone contributes fully and completely to making the organisation a success. That can only be achieved when people feel comfortable, able to contribute and speak out freely without any fear of humiliation, and where those who experience distress know they will be helped, supported and restored.

The costs to businesses of not talking is huge. In Europe it is estimated to be around 650 billion euros per annum in lost resource, simply by people keeping quiet about their distress at work. In any organisation the lost resources of keeping quiet amount to about 2 times the combined costs of sickness absence, and staff turnover, attributable to psychological distress. That’s a lot of resource gone down the drain.

Please click here to read this article in full which goes on to explain ways in which organisations can support staff to achieve their full potential.

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