With 112 days to go until this years’ Fab Change Week, let us all consider how social movements such as this can benefit us at IHM as healthcare managers: benefit our teams and those we serve.


Rather than being traditional and top down in our approach to change and quality improvement, we know that bottom up change is highly effective in creating sustainable and transformational projects. This is where #FabChangeWeek could align within our workplaces… A movement promoting bottom up change driven by the many and not the few. True people powered innovation.


We need to embrace this because change itself is changing. Whilst we know within management that we do need processes and structures, measures, pathways; we also know there is more. You can’t impose something on someone and expect them to wholeheartedly commit to it. Our focus needs to shift a little towards the energy that we can create… Enabling the system and our people to grow. Moving from compliance to commitment. Connecting with values, creating hope and optimism for the future. Rather than buy in, which is arguably too late for staff engagement, let’s move towards generating a sense of shared purpose where everyone within our team is a leader. These powerful ideas can be clearly seen in action if we look back at past Change Day campaigns with incredible stories highlighting the true power of passionate people working together to drive change, not only within our healthcare systems, but in the broader environment in which health and health and social care happen.


For some this notion may instil fear. As a healthcare manager, what if I lose my sense of control? My sense of authority? My position? Did you ever really have it in the first place? Let us move away from the ‘management’ of change and instead organise and mobilise for action. At IHM we believe that the best and most effective leaders share their authority. These individuals empower everyone around them and want everyone to grow.


Engage wholeheartedly. Forge new paths. Have meaningful conversations with those around you. Do colleagues feel they need permission to suggest and make changes? Give it. Or is it a question of self efficacy? Then grow it. One thing we do know… #FabChangeWeek. Just do it.