A recent report from the Carnegie UK Trust and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation highlights that kindness is at the heart of wellbeing.  Isolation and loneliness are widely recognised as major challenges within contemporary healthcare in addition to widening health inequalities, perhaps the time to focus on kindness is right now.

Of course, you may say.

Yet what can we do to encourage kinder workplaces, kinder communities where our intrinsic values underpin every single interaction?

This wonderful report provides powerful examples of kindness in action and emphasises the need to address the factors which inhibit or limit this.  The author points out that often we may not place enough value on the individual and overvalue the formal organisational aspects work.  At odds with the compassionate nature of healthcare is the suggestion that modern notions of effective leadership and professionalism are at odds with kindness and intuitive connections.  In this performance driven culture where we measure almost everything, are we actually measuring what matters?

There is no doubt that we should all talk more about kindness in society and in our workplaces and to collectively determine what each and every one of us can do to support kinder and more compassionate communities.

Will you have this discussion today?

Read the full report here.