I am thrilled to join the Institute of Healthcare Management and I look forward to this unique opportunity in an outstanding organisation at such a unique and pivotal moment within the NHS’s history.

For almost a decade I have worked within the NHS, predominantly within Primary Care management, including setting up a GP provider company and forming a GP super-partnership which served in excess of 120k patients.

I’ve also spent time in the voluntary sector having undertaken humanitarian work in the Philippines, and working in substance misuse services here in the UK, and across the private sector having held a number of positions within Consultancy, Management and Sales.

For me, the most exciting thing about joining the IHM is the opportunity to support you in what you do each day. When the NHS hits the headlines, it is rarely the managers that column inches are dedicated to, yet it is always the first place politicians turn to when they talk about cutting costs.

The reality: on international comparators, we don’t have enough management resource in the NHS and I know the lengths you go to in keeping the wheels turning.

I have a strong vision for our collective future. Building on our firm foundations which have served us well over the last 100 years, we are faced with a new landscape and acknowledge that the time to adapt is now.

That’s why I envisage an IHM that is built around YOU – our members. A body which is reactive, interactive and responsive to the challenges you face and the issues that keep you awake at night.

As we look to the future, I want to hear from you. How can we best serve you? How can we increase our impact on the health system? I would love to hear your ideas, feedback and thoughts. So please do get in touch, email me, phone me, tweet or via LinkedIn. I am ready and listening.

It is very important the IHM is here for you with relevant updates, topical meetings, thoughtful webinars and relevant member offerings and discounts.

I plan a series of meetings across the country and would be delighted if you invited us, to visit your neck of the woods. My contact details are below. Let’s continue the conversation and explore what we can create together.

Yours sincerely

Paul Conroy

Chief Executive

Twitter: @PConroy_IHM     LinkedIn: paul-conroy-a938a4121     e: pconroy@   Mb: 07545 073181