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We help our partners

Shape the future of healthcare

The IHSCM is the only organisation to have health and social care managers working side-by-side and reflects the ever closer working partnerships that are developing and likely to resolve in legislative changes.

At the Institute, we are ready to embrace change and innovation.

Our Partners

We recognise our corporate supporters play an important part in shaping the future of healthcare and we welcome them as equal members and value the support they bring to our activities, as partners and friends.

Organisations, sharing the mission and values of these vital public services can join, as equal partners, to learn and understand the sector, discuss policy and objectives, bring to the table the experience of a wider-world and learn how the challenges of the fast changing future will be met.

What are the benefits of partner membership?

Partnering with the IHSCM is a unique opportunity giving commercial partners access to:

  • Insights that can be uniquely shaped to the interests of their markets
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Events
  • Publications
  • An understanding of the NHS from an insider’s perspective

Though support of multiple publications, reports, discussion and special interest groups being part of the IHSCM, is the only way to be in the Loop.

How do I become a partner?

If your organisation is focussed on innovation, ideas and better, safer ways of delivering complex services and you value access as a way of understanding the objectives and needs of health and social care, find out today how becoming a partner of the IHSCM can deliver unparalleled benefits.

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