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High Performance

Together with our Wales Country Hub, Health Education Improvement Wales (HEIW), we are proud to enable members to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding through the institute and our partners, and evidence this via their own Personal Development e-Portfolio, Gwella.

The are 5 Core Competencies to evidence.

All content and events that are part of the framework will demonstrate their points value, and completion of a task or attendance at events will entitle you to collect these points, add them to your Personal Development e-Portfolio, and keep track of your progress.

Me, myself and I.

Content focused on values, principles and personal development – the internal soundtrack of leadership.

Leadership excellence

Content focused on trust, engagement and bringing the best from our followers.


Content focused on workforce dynamics from wellbeing to recruitment & retention, EDI and more.


Content focused on innovation and change.

Operational leadership.

Content focused on means by which our citizens can be best served by health & social care.

This is a voluntary initiative, that we hope every member enjoys in addition to the many benefits of membership with us.

By participating in the framework, every year, you can achieve a Bronze (50 points), Silver (125 points) or Gold (200 points) High Performance Leadership Competency Framework Award.
After 2 years of participation in the framework, you can also apply for Fellowship of the institute.

For more information, please click on ‘Your Guide to the HPL Framework’ to read and download a copy of our member guide.


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