We recently came across this  website from Landmark Chambers.

Landmark Chambers is a leading set of barristers chambers advising on the legal rules that affect the operation and management of the NHS in England.

This resource provides information on the law relating to the operation and management of the NHS in England. Please see terms under which information is made available.

The website is designed to assist:

  • Solicitors, NHS managers and clinicians working in the NHS
  • NHS Clinical Support Units
  • Solicitors and advice workers supporting patients
  • GP practices and solicitors advising GP practices
  • Commercial organisations working within the NHS, including pharmaceutical companies
  • Health research organisations
  • Charities and other non-profit organisations that support patients.

There are a number of key free papers addressing issues topical issues such ‘An Introduction to  to the Legal Structures of the NHS ‘  and ‘ A Guide To to the Law on NHS Continuing Care and NHS Funded Nursing Care’

You can find all the free resources  here – it is well worth a browse.