Roger Kline is a Research Fellow at Middlesex University Business School and is the author of a number of papers and articles on the topic of discrimination at work.

“The research is clear. Treating healthcare staff fairly and with respect improves the health and well-being of staff, improves how organisations work and enhances patient care and safety. Ensuring that the talent of all who work in the NHS is recognised and developed is essential.”

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This is an important book, written about a difficult subject, by a real expert. It is specially relevant at a time when workplace behaviour is, rightly, under such  scrutiny.

Uniquely, it explains the law, helps employers know how to behave, managers how to manage what can be a tricky topic and shows all of us what to expect and how to make sure the system, policy and the law is working fairly, in the interest of everyone.

This is an excellent guide-book, full of experience, advice, references and practical approaches that I am sure will appeal to Boards, people managers and all of us working in organisations small and large.

Roy Lilley
London 2018