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We would like to invite you to take part in a working session facilitated by National Voices’ Director of Policy Don Redding and immediate past President of the NAPC, Dr James Kingsland to help you to work through and share the opportunities and challenges facing Primary Care Networks (PCNs).

For networks and their CCGs who are in the early stages of development, it’s easy to get lost in agreeing new operating models, re-allocating resources, updating team structures and developing legal agreements and governance. But we want to work together with you on the bigger picture:  
  • How will PCNs lead to better health, care and wellbeing for people?
  • How can PCNs generate better job satisfaction for primary care staff?
  • How will PCNs help us change our relationships with the communities we work in?
  • How can PCNs increase practice sustainability and profitability?

For more information and to sign up to the free event please click here.