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As a nation, our health and social care needs are changing; people are living longer with multiple co-morbidities. Health care providers have a responsibility to react to these changes and create healthcare strategies and models that are responsive to these new challenges.

PHM is all about maximising health and well-being outcomes and reducing healthcare inequalities. To do this, patients must be empowered to become more involved and jointly lead the management of their health conditions and clinicians must be provided with the tools and information they need to provide first class, modern healthcare.

There are three workstreams that are key to creating actionable PHM plans that will that will maximise health and well-being outcomes and reduce healthcare inequalities:

  1. Data-driven provision of care
  2. Technology that empowers patients
  3. Innovative models of care.

On 6 and 27 April 2020, Operose and the IHM will be presenting two webinars that will further detail how data, technology and new models of care are vital to PHM

This first webinar will focus on Technology that empowers patients

  • Enhancing Digital Access to Care
  • Patient Engagement with Chronic Condition Management
  • Automation of Wellness Tasks

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