Adult social care plays a major part in keeping older people and vulnerable adults living in the community and out of hospital for longer. However, demand is increasing and resources are under pressure. In order to ensure help reaches those that need it the most, we need to find ways to target support.

This competition aims to use technology to make adult social care provision more effective and efficient, and reduce demand on social care services.

This is a Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) competition, with funding provided by the GovTech Catalyst for Torfaen County borough council.

Prioritising resources for better care

This competition is looking for proposals for technology that can track data in real-time and use it to inform how resources are deployed and prioritised to the best effect. This could include:

  • using technology to improve the point of entry into adult social care
  • creating more dynamic and flexible care systems that respond to changing needs
  • making better use of evidence to inform commissioning both now and in the future

Further information about this funding opportunity can be found here.