We have all experienced the desperate struggle to stay engaged rather than wondering what to buy for dinner whilst sitting through a seemingly endless Powerpoint presentation.

Most of us can also recall the 2003  launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia which  disintegrated upon reentering Earth’s atmosphere, killing all seven crew members.  A foam piece of spray on foam insulation (SOFI)  which fell from one of the ramps that attached the shuttle to its external fuel tank during the launch was determined to be the cause.

Falling foam during the launch was a common occurrence during all previous launches but the foam struck  a tile  on the edge of the wing designed to protect the shuttle from the heat of Earth’s atmosphere during launch and re-entry. In space the shuttle was safe but NASA didn’t know how it would respond to re-entry and so sought expert advice from Boeing who produced 3 reports and 28 slides in response.

This article looks at the way in which the information was presented to NASA, using Powerpoint, played a pivotal role in the decision process.

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