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The IHSCM Care Library

Welcome to the care library. The care library has been created by the members of our social care innovators ‘Public Image’ subgroup and members of the IHSCM.

The purpose of the library is to showcase amazing books and media that focus on or highlight care. The Library will introduce you to some incredible works and signpost you to where you can purchase the books/films or where you can watch the shows.

Books for Children and Young People

 Books for family Carers

Books for Care  Teams

Books for  Entrepreneurs 

Fiction Literature with Care Focus

Academic Books

Care in Film

Care on T.V.

Do you have a book we should include in the library?

Do you have a film or T.V. show we should include in the library?

Social Care Book Club

An online book club from fellow social care innovators where they discuss a new social care book each month. 


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