We all know that a work life balance is important. But do the majority of us really have it? When did our normal working day of 9am-5pm become 8am-7pm? Or do we literally have work on our minds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Are you one of those who check your work emails on a weekend?

A subject close to a lot of our hearts (and our families!) yet we often do not discuss it. Is it possible to effectively balance work and have a ‘life’? How do we achieve this? What is right for you?

Dame Ruth Carnall and Samantha Jones present us with a rare opportunity to hear the stories of a range of well known leaders from across healthcare who share their personal ‘Top Ten Tips’ for life and work. Wholehearted, intimate reflections and revelations that are a must read for everyone.

Are you balancing your life?

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