Shane Tickell, CEO, IMS MAXIMS, explains the importance of ensuring digital solutions map to the needs of the user and as easy to use as our smartphones.   They should be open, flexible, fully-interoperable, useful and usable.  They shouldn’t replicate existing, paper-based workflows and patient interactions, but rather, introduce new, transformative ways of working that enable clinicians to spend more quality time with their patients, with access to real-time medical information.

Over the next ten years, we will need to deliver more major efficiencies, and this can be delivered with the aid of technology and a transformation environment. We need to raise the profile that technology alone won’t achieve it – it needs the time and support from frontline staff too.

Shane urges IHM members to be part of the solution by accepting Roy Lilley’s invitation to attend the IT Future Forum event on 19th December.

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