Here at the IHM, we are creating Special Interest Groups to help share ideas and best practice.

To support you we are convening a Special Interest Group for members interested in workforce wellbeing.  We have already had a lot of interest in this group, but we believe that the more people who contribute, the better the sharing and learning!

Group aims:

  • To help identify and share ideas
  • To help identify and share best practice

We will do this by:

  • Bi-monthly group meetings, always welcoming new members
  • Publishing reports, practical resources and masterclasses
  • Hosting conferences and workshops

The outcomes of the first meeting are for the group to:

  1. Create a report and guide for members based on best practice examples from across our membership and under a range of key headings one of which is mental wellbeing. The objective is to have this ready by end of November 2020
  2. Organise a virtual conference to take place either in December or early January for contributors to the report & guide to present their recommendations.
  3. Compile and record a short course IHM masterclass for members on the subject of wellbeing – launch January / February 2021.

So if you are interested or would like more information please contact Jon Wilks, our CEO.

Here are some useful wellbeing resources:

A guide to burn-out Thrive Global, 29th March 2019

Audio Guides to boost your mood:  NHS MoodZone