…. I think you’re a member of the IHM because you’re curious.  I think you are curious about management and how to do it better.  Curiosity is a good thing.  I think, if you are curious, you can open doors on new possibilities.  Being curious opens your mind… and the mind is like a parachute, it works better when it’s open.

Managers walk a tightrope; success and disaster, expertise, creativity, bias, openness, ambition, passion, arrogance, conviction, blind faith and curiosity.  Pressure, time, delivery.  The comfort of doing things the way we always have and the lure of new ways of working and thinking.

The NHS is a precious legacy.  It is 70 years old this year.  On the 5th July, 1948, in times of biting austerity, in post war Britain, its arrival took off the shoulders of working people the worry and anxiety of illness, sickness, accidents and maternity.

Now, as a nation, we are healthier, live longer and despite the uncertainties of Brexit and the economy, the NHS continues to be the backstop for families and the first port of call for us all.

Generations of managers have gone before us.  They have managed in good times and bad.  It is because of them, their talents and commitments, the NHS exists today.  Now, in excruciatingly difficult times, it is our turn.  Our turn to make sure there is an NHS for our kids and our kids’ kids.

It’s up to us.  We have to be smarter than ever before.  More nimble, able and open-minded.  We have to face the challenges ahead with optimism and confidence.  What else is there?

Curiosity has given us science, engineering, physics, chemistry, medicine and great management.

This book is a collection of advice, ideas, anecdote and fun that I have collected over the years.  It is partly tongue in cheek and partly deadly serious.  If it makes you think, it’s done its job.

I fear I have no advice for you, other than; stay curious, keep asking why, respect the people you work with and understand curiosity is at the crossroads of technology, art, science, medicine, management and human behaviour.

Create an environment where it is ok to get it wrong and OK to try again.  Hire people better than you, be visible, have a vision and share it often.

Create the time and space for good people to do great things…

All the best = Roy L

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