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Power of Play and Having Fun

With summer in full swing, there’s no better time to embrace the power of play and the joy of simply having fun. And sometimes, the best way to have fun is to find delight in life’s simple pleasures.

This week, we’re shifting our focus to the importance of play and recreation in nourishing our mental wellbeing. From games to creative pursuits and outdoor adventures, a world of wonder is waiting to be explored. It’s not just about escapism; it’s about rejuvenation, connection, and being present in the given moment.

So, let’s reclaim the spirit of playfulness and infuse our days with laughter, spontaneity, and a sense of wonder. Whether it’s a stroll in nature, a game night with loved ones, or pursuing a beloved hobby, we’ve put together some resources to help prioritize moments of fun and relaxation.


Relieve Stress Mindfully

This series will show you how to practice new ways to relieve stress mindfully. We all have stress in our lives, and with these simple exercises, you’ll discover how to relieve some of that stress and learn how to practice mindfulness in future stressful situations.

Each resource is designed to be accessible and easy to follow so that you can begin your journey with confidence.

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The Art and Wellbeing Benefits of Play (for Both Kids and Adults)

By David Metzger R.N.

Life is full of choices, but sometimes the most sensible choice is to do nothing at all. Aiming to be a mindful parent, our author often avoids inserting himself into situations that his kids might thoughtfully resolve on their own. Sometimes, this means allowing them to wander into iffy circumstances just so they can learn to find their way out of them. One unexpected benefit of this hands-off approach, however, is the precious opportunity to silently observe his children in their natural environment, doing what they do best. Play.

Read the Article Here


Why Having Fun Is the Secret to a Healthier Life

By Catherine Price 

Have you had your daily dose of fun? It’s not just enjoyable, it’s also essential for your health and happiness, says science journalist Catherine Price. She proposes a new definition of fun — what she calls “true fun” — and shares easy, evidence-backed ways to weave playfulness, flow, and connection into your everyday life.

Watch the 13-minute Video Here


The Power of Play: A Path to Healing Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD

By Nikki Eisenhauer M.Ed.

In this episode, the podcaster discusses the importance of play in our lives and its role in mental health. Despite living in an information age, the healing we seek is often found in doing rather than thinking. Embracing playfulness and silliness is not only a way to heal a fried nervous system, but it also helps us transition from a survival mindset to a thriving one. So let’s dive into why play matters and how it can be a vital part of your mental health journey.
Listen to the 28-Minute Podcast Here


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