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Building Healthy Relationships

Building Healthy Relationships

Building healthy relationships is a process that requires mutual understanding, effective communication, and a commitment to growth. When individuals prioritize open and honest communication, it fosters an environment where both partners feel heard and valued. Trust is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship, and is cultivated through transparency and reliability. Mutual respect, kindness, and empathy are essential traits that contribute to a positive dynamic, creating a space where individuals can express themselves authentically without fear of judgment.

To guide you on this journey of building healthy relationships, we’ve compiled a set of resources designed to learn more about the traits of a strong relationship and provide practical strategies for fostering connection.



How to Build Healthy Relationships

By Bennett Crawford M.S.W. & Dustin DiPerna M.A.

Our authors share insights into building healthy relationships by drawing on the experiences of a therapist and client feedback. It offers tips derived from both professional knowledge and personal research to support you in fostering positive and sustainable connections within your relationships.

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The Three Requirements of a Good Relationship

The School of Life

This brief video addresses how hard it can be to know what we need from a relationship. The task becomes much simpler if we keep in mind that every relationship requires just three crucial ingredients to work. Tune in to see what they are and how you can apply them to your relationships.

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Want Warmer Responses in Your Relationships?

The 4 Habits Podcast

In this nearly 45-minute episode, we learn about what it takes to get more warmth and reduce frustrations in your most important relationships- whether at home, at work, or in life generally. Even if the problem is (mostly!) the other person, there are things you can be doing to help the situation. Tune in so you can start to see the shift.

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Dr. Paul Conti: How to Build and Maintain Healthy Relationships

Huberman Lab

This is episode 3 of a 4-part special series on mental health with Dr. Paul Conti, M.D., a psychiatrist who did his medical training at Stanford School of Medicine and residency at Harvard Medical School. He explains how to find, develop, and strengthen healthy relationships — including romantic relationships, work and colleague relationships, and friendships.

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How Much Social Support Is in Your Life?

There are lots of benefits to feeling socially supported. When you have healthy relationships, you feel a stronger sense of purpose and sometimes greater feelings of self-worth—all of which contribute to a more meaningful and fulfilling life. You can find social support in many settings, such as from your family, friends, or from that special someone in your life.

Take our assessment to find out how socially supported you are. You’ll also be able to dig deeper into the level of social support you feel with your “special person” (e.g. a partner, close friend, or counselor), family, and friends.

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