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Managing Holiday Loneliness

Loneliness and Your Wellbeing

Loneliness can have profound impacts on one’s physical and mental health. These effects, while always challenging, can become particularly acute during the holiday season. Feelings of isolation can lead to extreme sadness, stress, and even exacerbate existing mental health issues. And while the impacts of loneliness can be strong, the healing power of human connection is stronger.

Reaching out to friends, family, or acquaintances in any form can be a powerful first step. What’s more, engaging in community events or volunteering can provide a sense of belonging and purpose while simultaneously building social bonds. The healing power of connection is profound but it can be challenging to start. This week, we’re spotlighting the power of love, community, and friendship on one’s overall wellbeing and offering resources to help anyone combat feelings of loneliness and isolation this holiday season.



5 Ways to Combat Loneliness
by Alexa Assimos

Loneliness is an epidemic. Research suggests that social isolation is as harmful to your health as smoking 15 cigarettes per day and twice as harmful as obesity. In this video, Alexa Assimos offers 5 tangible ways to combat loneliness.

Watch the 7-Minute Video Here


Together the Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World
by Vivek Murthy M.B.A. M.D.

In this book, author Vivek Murthy shares his own deeply personal experiences with loneliness and the impact it’s had on his own life while reinforcing the power of community and connection.

Find the Book Here


The Antidote to Loneliness and Social Isolation 
By Mark Hyman M.D. and Radha Agrawal
In this mini-episode, Dr. Hyman talks to Radha Agrawal about the importance of fostering a loving community, starting with going inward and acknowledging our own values and gifts and then taking those gifts out into the world to make friendships that matter. He also sits down with Marie Forleo to discuss the power of community and the idea that friend power is more powerful than willpower.

Watch the 9-minute video here


Loneliness and Connection

by Dr. Vivek Murthy and Brené Brown

Have you ever struggled with feeling lonely – even when you’re surrounded by people you love? It’s painful and confusing. In this episode, Brown talks to Dr. Vivek Murthy, a physician and the 19th Surgeon General of the United States, about loneliness and the physical and emotional toll that social disconnection takes on us.

Listen to the 50-Minute Podcast



Mental Health Check-In

Have you checked in lately with your mental health? Feeling blah and not sure where to get started?

You’ve come to the right assessment! Complete our Mental Health Check-in and you’ll receive quick insights into how you’re doing mentally and emotionally in the areas of flourishinganxiety, and depression. Learn more about how flourishing goes beyond traditional mental health and receive resources and suggestions on how to flourish, even if you’re experiencing anxiety or depression symptoms.

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