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Financial Wellness Around the Holidays

As the most wonderful time of the year approaches, so too do the months where many people may be feeling heightened financial stress. And that stress shouldn’t be overlooked. The impact of money and financial wellness on one’s mental health is significant, with financial anxiety directly correlating to one’s overall mental wellbeing. For many people, the pressure to meet increased expenses, buy gifts, or manage debts during the holidays can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and even guilt.

It’s important to recognize that financial health is an integral component of one’s overall wellbeing, and finding ways to manage these stressors and make thoughtful financial decisions can contribute to a more peaceful and joyous holiday season. This week, we’re offering resources to help boost your financial health and improve your relationship with money during the holiday season and beyond.



How to Find Simplicity and Money Ease

by Gayle Colman

Sufficiency is not a concept or a belief affiliated with words such as enough, plenty, or abundant. Sufficiency is an experience of being okay, feeling okay, and living consistently on solid ground— fully embodied in your precious existence with the ability to confidently make decisions, especially money decisions.

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The Stress of Money

Speaking of Psychology

APA’s latest Stress in America survey found that 72 percent of Americans reported feeling stressed about money at least some time in the prior month. In this episode, psychologist and researcher Linda Gallo, PhD, talks about how stress from finances and other sources can affect your health.

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10 Steps to Boost Your Financial Health


Managing your money can feel scary and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. In this TED series, behavioral scientist Wendy De La Rosa explains why we spend too much and save too little — and shares easy steps to help us achieve a more secure financial future.

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A Meditation for Money Worries

Ten Percent Happier

Stressed about the economy? You’re not alone. In this episode, Sebene Selassie offers tools to help see the abundance we all have in our lives in this guided meditation.

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Are the Holidays Causing You Stress?

Ready or not, the holiday season is here. Let’s do a quick check-in—are you starting to feel stressed or overwhelmed? Whether it’s because of sleep, loneliness, finances, staying active, or something else, we have resources to help support you during this holiday season.

Take this short assessment to determine your holiday stress level. Afterward, find resources to learn how to thrive into the New Year and beyond.

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