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Virtual Wards

The NHS went into the Corona Virus pandemic with fewer staff per head of population and fewer beds, than
most similar healthcare systems across Europe and OECD countries. Emerging from the pandemic and faced with an overwhelming number of patients on waiting lists, the NHS is turning to efficiency gains and innovative treatment options.

One innovation, not entirely new, but about to be implemented at scale is the virtual ward. Introduced in response to Covid, NHSE now seek to introduce them as a step-down/step-up response as part of admissions avoidance.
With the help of remote treatment options and supported by technology, patients are monitored and cared for, in their own homes. Is this an advance or a risk?

The IHSCM, as part of its Power Hour series, invited a panel of experts to discuss the possibilities. Chair, Roy Lilley was joined by;
• Professor Alison Leary,
• Elaine Strachan-Hall,
• Steph Lawrence,
• Alexandra Evans
• Dr Elaine Maxwell
… who shared their insights and experiences.

The discussion may be viewed here, or you can listen here, and read the write up here.

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