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IHSCM Wellbeing Festival

We are delighted to announce our first virtual Wellbeing Festival 7th-13th February 2021.

Workforce wellbeing is a massively important topic across health and social care, even in ‘regular’ times. During the Covid times that importance has been magnified many times over. Of even greater importance is our individual wellbeing.

  • How can leaders and managers in health and social care ensure that their workforce wellbeing measures are effective?
  • How can new workforce wellbeing measures be speedily implemented?
  • Where can leaders and managers find details of workforce wellbeing activity that is proven?
  • What can we do to look after ourselves, before we help others?

This festival is an opportunity to explore skills, best practice solutions, and resources for individual and team wellbeing. Take part in live relaxation sessions, create a toolkit of resources, and find out more about what organisations are doing to improve the wellbeing of their workforce.


Friday 4th February 2022 is Time to Talk Day, and this day marks the start of our virtual IHSCM Wellbeing Festival. Time to Talk Day is dedicated to talking about mental health, and helps raise awareness to change lives. The latest research shows that mental health problems now affect one in four of us, yet it is still something that isn’t discussed as frequently as it should be. This is why Time to Talk Day takes place once a year to encourage everyone to be more open about mental health, to talk, listen and to help change lives. It is hoped that our Wellbeing Festival will also become an annual event.

To coincide with the festival, we will be holding 3 wellbeing lunchtime sessions with mental health first aiders, and non-clinical support, that will be unrecorded and facilitated online via Zoom.

The lunchtime sessions will be held on 15th December 2021, 12th January 2022, and 11th February 2022 from 12:00-13:00. Each day will have 4 x 15 minutes themed sessions, designed to sign-post resources, provide support, a listening ear, and promote clinical intervention if need be.

We are encouraging our partners, members and their organisations to also hold their own sessions. These could be in-person sessions or virtual. If you are holding your own sessions, we would be delighted if you could record or stream these events and share the outcomes with us. We would like to share the recordings/streams across our social media channels throughout the festival. Follow us on Twitter to join in the live sessions: @IHM_Tweets.

We will also be sharing healthy recipes that are cheap, quick to make, and filling; relaxation and feel-good music; apps and libraries of resources that can be easily accessed; and accounts of people to follow who spread joy and positivity on social media.

We look forward to seeing you at the sessions.

Best wishes


Click here to find out more, explore the agenda and register for the drop-in sessions.

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