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Practicing self-care isn’t about pampering yourself or being indulgent – it’s the process of taking care of yourself so you can be emotionally and physically healthy. Self-care can be eating healthy, drinking enough water, going for a quick walk, or simply scheduling time away from your phone. Try our resource picks below to start your self-care practice.


Are You Mindful or Is Your Mind Full?

Have you ever been on auto pilot and don’t know how you arrived somewhere until you’re there? Or been so absorbed in an activity that you don’t notice what’s happening until you’re done? Take this assessment to find out if you’re mindful or if your mind is full. 


6 Simple Self-Care Tips To Become A Better You

Though self-care varies from person to person, certain aspects such as reducing stress, trying to eat better, and getting enough sleep, are vital and are the first steps towards living a healthier life. We’ve all heard of the benefits of self-care. But it can’t be hard to do because we often don’t know where to start. To help you with that, here are a few simple tips to help you on your self-care journey.

The Letter Everyone Should Write to Themselves

When you’re feeling nervous about something at work or you’re feeling down for no reason at all, well-timed kind words from someone else can help you feel better. But, there won’t always be someone available with helpful words at just the right moment. And in those moments, it’s tough to remind yourself of the kind things you could say to yourself.That’s why writing yourself a kind letter can be so powerful. Then, you’ll always have some reassuring words at your fingertips. Learn more here.

Three Ways to Practice Gratitude in Uncertain Times

Gratitude is good for you. Studies show that counting your blessings can change your brain and make you less prone to depression, even if you’re already struggling mentally or emotionally. Learn more about three ways you can start to practice gratitude and work on your own self-care. 

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