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Are you feeling burned out?

Are you feeling burned out? If you’ve been experiencing high levels of work-related stress, you are not alone.

IHSCM has partnered with CredibleMind to offer IHSCM members access to a new, online resource designed to help people manage and enhance their mental wellbeing.  CredibleMind, provides guidance on techniques and tools to help people manage their own mental health and wellbeing. CredibleMind is a ‘one-stop shop’ for mental health guidance that helps people help themselves, with an evidence-based approach to self-help.

Burnout is a commonly used term to describe physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion associated with work. Students and caregivers can develop many of the same symptoms, which can include fatigue, low self-esteem, difficulty concentrating, and much more.

If you are a caregiver and would like to learn more about whether you are experiencing burnout, take CredibleMind’s assessment: Is Caring for Others Taking a Toll on you?

Here are some podcasts that may help you learn more about burnout and find resources for more ease and fulfillment in your work-life.




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