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Social Care Hero

This week’s Social Care Hero is AVRIL PINK – Senior Team Leader with Proactive Development.  Avril was nominated by Stacey Hayward, Operations Manager Proactive Development who explained why she thinks Avril is a Social Care Hero:

“Avril goes above and beyond to not just ensure the health and independence of all the service users she supports but also their happiness. What Avril does ‘normal times’ is extraordinary. What she has done this year has been well  above the ‘call of duty’ and she thoroughly deserves recognition for all she has done for the service users and their families.

She works in the industry because she has a passion for caring and for caring and entertaining and does her utmost to make sure everyone is well looked after, including staff and service users’ families.

Avril is very approachable and easy to speak to about any concerns. She goes out her way to find out about people’s likes and dislikes, and tries to accommodate them. She keeps in consent contact by phones with families to find out needs for service users, and also to give updates on any developments. Before covid, there was always plenty to do for the service users trips out to local restaurants and pubs, cinema visits, canoeing, climbing,swimming, bike riding and days out., which were all managed with ease. There were many activities in the home too which service users were encouraged to do. Avril is very hands-on so all the service users know her.

During the current pandemic she has devised ways to keep the service users happy and engaged. She made personalized Mother and Father days gifts, Photo books, indoor events and lots more to encourage as much contact between service users and their families. There were cake competitions, thank you to the NHS where they decorated the outside of their homes, Easter competitions, letters and cards were sent to local charity in the community, an event called ‘The Greatest week in Lockdown’ Facetime, zoom calls regularly made. Throughout the pandemic Avril would make all these wonderful activities happen even on her days off. At one time due to covid entering the home she made the decision to leave her family home and move into the service with her service user when they needed her.

Avril is a person who goes the extra mile and is continuously overlooked for the work she does. She is dedicated to the health and wellbeing and safety of all her service users.

Thank you Avril for your enthusiasm and dedication and compassionate work with your service users and team.

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