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Mentoring opportunity through Hexitime platform

Our IHSCM Mentoring Scheme is live via our partners, Hexitime the time banking platform for health and social care. Over a hundred of our members have completed our Mentoring short course masterclass and have agreed to offer their mentoring skills to other members.

CEO Jon Wilks said “This is the very best of our Institute. Members helping members, united in a desire to encourage, guide and offer support”.

Hexitime enables members to exchange skills and ideas for improvement. Additionally, when any IHSCM member joins, you can apply for our badge.

The Hexitime partnership with the IHSCM allows mentors to specify how much time they are prepared to offer and for mentees to find a mentor and agree time commitment to suit them.

What’s more, it is all voluntary and free.

If you would like to develop your mentoring skills do please consider enrolling on our short course masterclass – it only takes around 6 hours to complete and it is entirely online for you to undertake as your time permits.

Give an hour, get a lot more back!






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