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Mark Topps has been recognised as a fantastic voice for the sector from leading a campaign for people living with a learning disability to be prioritised to receive the vaccine early. He has been recognised for being inspiring, ranging from being so passionate to stand up for those without a voice on national television, radio and social media in standing up for what he believes in so that all are aware.

As well as campaigning he has also made a complete package of documentation for care homes and domiciliary providers to use, including COVID care plans, shielding updates, risk assessments covering a range of different topics, winter plans, business continuity plans and so much more which is a great help. The documents can be found here

Other members of the Managers Group known as UK Inner Circle on Facebook describe him as a true hero who is always there willing to provide support and advice over and beyond what is deemed necessary. Going the extra mile is what has made him stand out!


Do you know a Care Hero?  Someone who goes above and beyond their job description to improve the wellbeing of their colleagues and/or those in their care?  If so, then please let us know by completing the nomination form and we will be happy to feature them in our weekly newsletter to let them know that their dedication has not gone unnoticed.

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