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Featured Social Care Hero

Cynthia Kamara (Matron, St Vincent’s Nursing Home) has been nominated by Jacquie Scott (General Manager, St Vincent’s Nursing Home).

Cynthia is a very experienced nurse who has worked as Matron at St Vincent’s Nursing Home since 2017 when she retired from the NHS as a Senior Nurse in the stroke service at LNWH.

She has been amazing during the pandemic and has lead the nursing team within the home ensuring that the nurse led service is constantly focussed on the well being of all the residents and the staff.

Cynthia has ensured that staff welfare and risk assessments are regularly updated and that those identified at risk were furloughed and that we kept’ in touch’ with each person to ensure isolation did not become an issue.

Residents families have praised her inclusiveness and attempt to keep all informed and the end of life and social needs for individual families was a priority. Cynthia has managed not to catch Covid but she has ensured that the staff and residents all received their vaccine and we have kept the staffing levels steady and the turnover of staff remains very low. A great indicator of a good leader.

Cynthia is self effacing and does not make a fuss but just quietly gets on with ensuring all is fine. She is a very worthy recipient.

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