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Featured Social Care Hero

Cara Finnegan (Care Manager, Doris Jones Ltd.) has been nominated by her employer, Caroline Southgate (Director of Doris Jones Ltd.).

Cara joined Doris Jones Ltd in January 2020 just before the Covid crisis kicked in. Caroline told us “Cara joined us from an NHS role and had to hit the ground running to soak up all that our home care team would need from us to keep them and our elderly customers safe.”

When their care team were asked about their experience this past year, all of the care team mention how Cara has supported them and how grateful they are. “She has become the leader of the care team, who is respected because she will roll her sleeves up and go and help when they need her. Cara is compassionate and fair when dealing with mistakes, family crises and meltdowns… all of which have happened in the year she has been with us.”

Cara has allowed Caroline the time to wade through the Covid guidance when it was changing by the day, to create new procedures and encourage and support the implementation of changes – wearing a mask for all visits.

When Doris Jones Ltd interviewed Cara for the position, she said she would be their “Steady Eddy” and they could only hope that every care company could have one!

Of course what Doris Jones Ltd do is a huge team effort and to pick out one person in an incredible team is hard, but for this nomination Cara is their care hero who has inspired others to do their own heroic job in such difficult times.

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