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Featured Social Care Hero

Gary Hitching has been nominated by his employer, Louise Arnold (Managing Director of Peninsula Care Homes).
Louise told us “when Gary, a local pub landlord was told to close his pub in March 2020, who knew how that turn of events would affect his future career and benefit our Care Home/Group. We received a call from Gary, he said ‘I need to work, I am adaptable and willing to learn’ At the time I was looking for kitchen support at Coppelia House, but with the uncertainty around Covid-19 we were not getting any applications. Gary said he was happy to come and help.

Gary started with us as a kitchen assistant supporting the Home with serving breakfast, cleaning and supporting the Cook. It was soon evident Gary was able to cook and he soon became our relief cook. His relationships with residents and staff alike grew and he became a much respected team member. When the Home was in outbreak and many permanent staff were in isolation, Gary offered to learn the care role and after mandatory training he was soon assisting residents with care. Gary is not shy in providing entertainment for the residents either.

Gary, ex-military has an abundance of skills, recognising this we have now appointed him as Training Manager, Gary has just completed training on delivering Emergency First Aid and is looking forward to sharing his knowledge across our Homes before commencing further learning.

Gary is an excellent ambassador of care work, prepared to go the extra mile and is an asset to our team.”

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