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Latest News

NHS costly reporting mistakes

An article in the Law Society Gazette reports that poor quality serious incident reporting has resulted in missed opportunities to reduce maternity care medical negligence. In 2016/17 the NHS Resolution’s indemnity schemes received 10,686 claims,

22 September 2017|

The Future of Commissioning

The 2012 Health and Social Reform Act provided the landscape for the commissioning of health and social care services.  The Kings Fund, in a recently published report, looks at how this landscape has evolved, the

20 September 2017|

Spotlight on Sepsis

Sepsis is a ‘silent killer’ which directly touches the lives of over 250,000 people every year in the UK and indiscriminately kills 44,000 people. With earlier identification and treatment, it has been suggested that around

13 September 2017|

Ingredients for a successful partnership

Partnerships, collaboration and integrated working have featured within NHS policies and documents for many years, but the NHS Planning Guidance 2017-19 states that this way of working should now become ‘the new norm’.  So, what

7 September 2017|

The Way Forward?

An ageing population, cuts in social services, a fall in the number of GPs, younger GPs looking to work fewer hours, practice closures etc – is it time to start thinking outside the box? A

31 August 2017|

10 Minute Manager: Stand Up

In this edition of the 10 Minute Manager Roy Lilley discusses the difference standing up makes If you have enjoyed watching this 10 minute manager, then why not join the

28 August 2017|

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