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EDITORIAL – 18th September 2020


Lots of you enjoyed this week’s IHM Virtual HealthChat with the sensational Brian Dolan, live from Christchurch in New Zealand. Brian is one of those characters whom you would really like to see on Bake Off – you just know that he will not only make some sensational cakes, but also reveal any number of life lessons whilst baking them.

Behind him on the wall of the room in Christchurch Hospital, from where he was broadcasting, was a mural consisting of the following Maori words:

He Aha Te Mea Nui

He Tangata
He Tangata
He Tangata

Before you all reach for your DuoLingo app and start brushing up on your Maori, allow me to translate: What is the most important thing? It is the people, it is the people, it is the people.

There are numerous reasons why Canterbury District Health Board, and specifically, Christchurch Hospital are regularly referenced in respect of excellence in international healthcare, but those words, for me, are the most indicative of root cause.

They encapsulate all that it requires in order to lead the provision of health and social care in any setting. When one concentrates on the people and how they are made to feel empowered, confident and trusted then many of the strictures of low performance are quickly torn away. Brian talked of the Christchurch environment being all about high levels of trust and low levels of bureaucracy – a determination from the senior leadership right through to patients, families and communities to put trust in each other and avoid centralised instruction wherever possible.

Instead of such bureaucracy, concentrate on encouraging and empowering local level decision making in response to problems and challenges. Brian summed it all up by using a phrase which he often quotes when mentoring and coaching managers: “what would you do if you knew that the answer is yes?”.

On Thursday afternoon next week, the IHM is proud to host a virtual conference focused on staffing. It is free to join the audience, and our speakers are terrific – from Prerana Issar (NHSEI’s chief people person) through Shera Chok (Shuri Network CEO), Joy Warmington (BRAP CEO), Laura Skaife-Knight (Kings Lynn Hospitals COO), Kay Keane (Primary Care representative in chief!) and numerous others this will be a festival of innovation, high performance and engagement for the 2020s. Topics include diversity, gender equality, flexible working compliance, recruitment & retention, staff rota planning, volunteers & the third sector and integrated care systems. What an absolute feast!

Christchurch and Brian Dolan are wonderful and in putting together our agenda for next Thursday afternoon I know that we have our own wonderful advocates of He Tangata too. Please be sure to book your place asap.

Enjoy your weekend and thank you for the brilliant work you are all doing.

Best wishes

Jon Wilks




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