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EDITORIAL – 19th February 2021


The rules were quite clear. The routine could last a maximum of 4 minutes plus or minus 10 seconds, but the minimum time the arranger could achieve was 4 minutes 28 seconds. They were 18 seconds over.

Many of those of us of a certain age, watching and hoping on our settees, wondered why Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean spent the first 18 seconds of their 1984 Olympic Ice Dancing routine ‘Bolero’ on their knees in the ice rink, swaying their torsos whilst using up the extra time they needed. Truth told, they had established that the time clock for 4 minutes only started when the blades of their skates touched the ice. Spirit of the games and all that but… they won gold in an utterly mesmeric performance of 4 minutes and 10 seconds. Rapture for a nation and lifetime glory for the 2 protagonists. An unforgettable partnership had been forged.

Partnership can be a valuable thing and it is not difficult to raise a hat to the Torvill and Dean partnership in the same way as we acknowledge the success of Rogers & Hammerstein, French & Saunders, Simon & Garfunkel or Gates & Allen.

Importantly for a partnership to flourish there has to be that slightly ethereal notion of ‘synergy’. You don’t need to be best mates, but you do need to be able to work together and create enhanced value from the shared commitment and unique skills that each party brings.

Which leads me neatly on to the recently published White Paper on the future for health and social care. Entitled ‘Integration & Innovation – Working Together to Improve Health & Social Care For All’ it is, effectively, a partnership agreement document, setting out how the Government expects health and social care to work together.


My initial reaction on reading it (and it is something of a door stop) is ‘OK’. It leaves me underwhelmed. There is little in there of real ‘wow’ factor and the fact is that across the country this particular ship has already sailed. Many of you attended our Integrated Care Conference in January and you would have heard multiple examples and case studies of integrated care already taking root, successfully. One could argue that the White Paper formalises what needs to happen in law and I respect that, but this is a starter document, not a main course. Possibly only an ‘hors d‘oeuvre’.

The big quandaries of our age remain and are side-stepped in the white paper. A paper on wider social care reform is promised for later this year. There is some reference to public health legislation but a full review of what we want public health to focus on and achieve is outside the scope of this white paper. Ditto for mental health service provision.

Health and social care are already partnered more fully than ever before and our Institute recognised this some time ago in deciding to expand our name and scope. You can still take part in our survey regarding your own views on the future for health and social care HERE.

The extent to which the White Paper will conjure a partnership to rival Torvill & Dean remains to be seen.

Additionally this week, I would like to invite members to take part in a round table event on development of health & social care education which will take place Wednesday 10th March 1.00 – 2.00 pm.  Do please email me directly jwilks@ihm.org.uk is you would like to take part for an hour.

Stay safe, stay strong and thank you for the brilliant work you are all doing.

Jon Wilks


This week our Director Roy Lilley interviewed Jan Flint who is the MD of the vaccination centre at Excel London. It was such an interesting interview, not least to understand how much precision, planning and dedication has gone into the roll out of vaccinations across the country.

But more than that, what shone through was Jan’s approach to leadership. She talked about daily huddles which include all staff and volunteers. Everyone being an equal member of the team, no matter what your role or experience. She described effective communication so that people know what is happening and what they need to do to play their part.

She also talked about the emotion of the task they had and still have ahead. She was incredibly open about how it made her feel and how she and the teams were able to share those feelings together.

There’s an important message in there for all of us, even though most of us will never have to set up and manage a mass vaccination centre, Jan’s approaches can and should be applied to all our roles.

Last week I focused on those of you who are having to work from home. During this week we had ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’ so I thought that would be a good focus. There’ll be people in your lives; family, work colleagues, friends, who are showing signs of struggle. Equally, you might be feeling it. Research shows that being kind brings many more rewards than you think. Give it a go and see what happens, it only has to be something small.

As ever, thank you for all that you do.

Jane Brightman

General Manager for Social Care



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Health and Social Care in a Digital Age
A special insight report from the IHSCM and Cerner

The year 2020 has been remarkable and transformative on many levels.  Whilst Covid19 has brought bereavement, grief and sorrow across the whole of health and social care it has also brought an immense acceleration and necessity-driven commitment to embrace new ways of working – many of which are driven by the adoption of health information technologies (HIT) and digital approaches to delivering health and social care.

This IHSCM Special Insight Report focuses on what has been achieved in HIT and digital technology and looks forward to addressing the key question of !what happens next?”

IHSCM members can access the guide in the IHSCM Group Reports section of the Members Area .

Workforce Wellbeing is at the heart and start of consistent high performance in any organisation – and none has perhaps been put under such sustained pressure as that of the NHS and social care in recent months.  

This IHSCM Special Guide is curated by the IHSCM and is conceived and designed by our members based on their own experiences and insights of workforce wellbeing.  It provides you with a range of practical solutions, tried and tested in various NHS and social care settings, that allows workforce wellbeing to be boosted and maintained. 

The guide is divided up into a range of subject headings to allow for easy access and navigation to help you find solutions to workforce challenges which you may be experiencing. 

IHSCM members can access the guide in the IHSCM Group Reports section of the Members Area .