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Latest News

Stress…are we coping? Let’s talk

As we come towards the end of #StressAwarenessWeek, let's reflect on a report that was published by the Health and Safety Executive earlier this week on work related stress, depression or anxiety. The report highlighted that

9 November 2018|

Low female CEA applications under review

Keith Cooper writing for the BMA suggests that the gender pay gap  in medicine could by narrowed by encouraging more female clinicians to apply for Clinical Excellence Awards (CEAs).   Currently most of the highest level

2 November 2018|

How many managers does the UK’s NHS need?

Research by Warwick Business School has found strong statistical evidence that an increase in the number of NHS managers produces a corresponding increase in hospital Trust performance; based on these findings, they suggest that the NHS should consider

23 October 2018|

Introducing our new CEO – Paul Conroy

I am thrilled to join the Institute of Healthcare Management and I look forward to this unique opportunity in an outstanding organisation at such a unique and pivotal moment within the NHS’s history. For

17 October 2018|

Why digital strategies fail

Jacques Bughin, Tanguy Catlin, Martin Hirt, and Paul Willmott writing for McKinsey Quarterly suggest that most business digital strategies fail to take into consideration the full impact that digital technology has on today’s economic climate. 

10 October 2018|

GP Partnership Review Interim report

This week saw the publication of the interim report of the GP Partnership Review. This report lists a number of issues facing General Practice, and the partnership model in particular, but also offers solutions to

4 October 2018|

The Path to Patient Centricity: Closing the ‘How’ Gap

Gareth Phillips from Ipsos & John Elliott from The Aurora Project/Excellerate have produced the 2nd Annual Patient Centricity Benchmark Survey report. The pharmaceutical industry has undertaken a paradigm shift from being primarily molecule focussed, towards

4 October 2018|


A weekly newsletter from Paul Conroy, CEO, IHM

One of the great things about being a dad of small kids is that you can pretend to be amazing and watch Disney movies for them, rather than because you’re still a big kid.   Watch Romesh Ranganathan’s take on this – hilarious!

If you haven’t seen Disney’s Moana…

  1. a) Where have you been?
  2. b) Spoiler alert
  3. c) Save this in your unread items and go on Amazon/Netflix/Ebay – sort it.

Its an object lesson in management – how and how not to lead. We see islanders who have become settlers, afraid of going beyond their boundaries, set on the way they do it now, comfort and safety. Fossilised in fixed approaches, unaware of the dangers. We see a demi-God who is self-obsessed, people pleasing and unaware of the destruction his best plans cause. Trying to do the right thing, but in all the wrong ways – by might, magic and mischief.

If those images don’t resonate with your experience of work I’m delighted for you, but mightily surprised if you’ve never seen them. Even more impressed if you have never found yourself drifting into one of those typologies of leadership. The heroic or formulaic.

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