We are the leading independent membership organisation for managers and leaders commissioning, delivering and supporting health and care in the UK and across the world, supporting personal and professional development and driving change to improve health and well-being for all through quality management. 

Our mission here at the IHM is to work with you to identify and provide the resources, support and opportunities you need to be your best selves, connecting with other membership organisations and professional bodies to enable us all to get the very best out of our collective expertise and resources.

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The Institute of Healthcare Management has partnership agreements with the following membership organisations:

It is the mutual aim of the Institute and each partner membership organisation to promote and support excellence in healthcare and by working together we can achieve more and therefore make greater progress.

Where opportunities arise, the IHM and each of the above organisations have agreed to work together to share access to activities and resources which support our members and their professional communities. This will, for example, include:

  • Events, workshops & conferences
  • On-line webinars, podcasts & videos
  • Focus groups, research reports & insights / analysis
  • Education programmes & exchanges
  • Networking events for the purpose of learning & understanding

The partnership agreements recognise the independence of each organisation and seek to create an environment of working together to achieve better health and social care.

For further information please contact: contact@ihm.org.uk


Membership of IHM brings real professional benefits developed to meet the changing needs of the healthcare sector.

We welcome anyone with or progressing towards, a management role in an organisation which commissions, provides or supports health and care (in its broadest sense). Our diverse and inclusive membership includes managers from the NHS, social care, public health, private sector, military, charity and voluntary sectors, as well as a thriving overseas representation – across all management levels and disciplines.

Our membership options include reduced rates for students and retired members. We also offer Corporate membership.

The IHM is going from strength to strength with over 600 new members having joined us in the last few months alone.  So why not join us today and start enjoying the benefits your membership can bring?

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IHM Members – is your contact information up to date?

Holding accurate and complete contact information for you will enable us to manage your membership efficiently and to provide you with the resources and services you need to be your best selves.

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Give your career a boost with the  IHM Fellowship Programme

  • ILM Level 5 Diploma in Leadership & Management
  • MSc Global Healthcare Management – Senior Leaders Master’s Degree
  • IHM Senior Manager ILM Level 7 Diploma in Leadership & Management

The ILM Level 5 Diploma and the MSc are both eligible for the Government Apprenticeship Scheme. At present, the Government Apprenticeship Scheme does not include the Level 7 qualification.

For further details of this exciting personal development programme please click here or contact us for more information.


There’s Room at the Top – a Fast-Track Guide to writing a CV (Bragging with a purpose!)

The NHS is undergoing another big change.

The chances are you will be put in a position where you’ll have to apply for the job you are already doing or perhaps move on. Either way you’ll need a CV – the right CV.

Roy Lilley has produced an easy to read guide to help you produce a tailored CV to get the job of your dreams, or to ensure you keep your existing one!

IHM members can have an exclusive preview of this invaluable guide to CV writing by  clicking here.



On Thursday 17th October, our IHM President, Lord Hunt of King’s Heath (Philip), formally launched the IHM ‘‘Code of Practice’

The Code has been developed to strengthen and develop the profession of health and care management. 

Signing up to the Code demonstrates a commitment to strong professional and ethical standards – standards which have their foundation in the seven (Nolan) Principles of Public Life

CLICK HERE to view the IHM ‘Code of Practice’ 


With the election storm clouds gathering, our communications partners Salix & Co, have pulled together a handy 3-page ‘Purdah Explained’ guide for IHM members.

IHM Members CLICK HERE to log-in & access our ‘Purdah Explained’ Guide 


Working with our partners, Salix & Co, from 8am each week day you can get a ‘heads up’ on the latest health and social care news, views.

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Births by parents’ country of birth – ONS

Statistician’s comment “In 2018, just over one in three children born in England and Wales had at least one parent who was born outside the UK. These parents could be long-time residents who moved here

10 October 2019|

IHM Leadership Arrangements

The Institute of Healthcare Management is pleased to announce that it will be strengthening and extending its operational and governance arrangements from 1st October 2019 with the appointment of a new Board. From 1st October'19

4 October 2019|

New sources and methods transforming GDP

The Office for National Statistics has today published indicative revisions to quarterly gross domestic product (GDP) for 1997 to 2016 that will first be included in headline estimates from the end of September 2019. The

21 August 2019|



CEO’s Editorial – 18th October 2019

As many of you will have seen via Twitter (@IHM_Tweets), yesterday evening our President, Lord Hunt of King’s Heath (Philip), launched our new Code of Practice, at the House of Commons. We were also joined by Baroness Harding (Dido), Chair of NHS Improvement, who is very supportive of the Code’s introduction.
Thank you to those of you who were able to come along and join us for this milestone event. I’m sorry that we could not have accommodated more people. For those of you who weren’t able to join us and haven’t yet seen the recording on Twitter, you can view the launch speeches here.
The Code has been developed in response to an increasing desire from yourselves and fellow members to strengthen and develop the profession of health and care management. 
Sign up to the Code will initially be on a voluntary basis. However, from January, there will be a requirement for members to do so on an annual basis. Details on how to sign up to the Code will be issued to you on Monday via an email.
By signing up to the Code you will be demonstrating your commitment to strong professional and ethical standards – standards which have their foundation in the seven (Nolan) Principles of Public Life
Thank you to everyone who has played a part in the development of the Code, which has been developed by the membership, for the membership.
With my very best wishes
Loretta Outhwaite